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For those participants who do not have much time and wish to approach the sacred plants with respect, we have designed these 4-day retreats, which have the same characteristics and virtues of the 7-day retreats, and the same goal: to find and remember our mission in this life and reconcile with our inner teacher.


At the beginning of the workshop, there will be an initial stage of cleaning with vegetables, in order to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the ritual ceremonies of Ayahuasca. Two Ayahuasca ceremonies will be held. The assistance and care of the shaman will be permanent, propitiating a harmonic dialogue before and after each ceremony. Healing body and spirit at a deep level within a ritual framework is the goal of this retreat.

What does my retirement include?

  • 2 ritual ceremonies of Ayahuasca.

  • 1 welcome session to retreat.

  • 3 baths of medicinal plants to clean the energy body.

  • 1 session of vapor, native Asháninka technique.

  • Massages

  • Reading your Power animal.

  • Tobacco cleaning during the ceremony.

  • Individual healing by the shaman during ceremonies.

  • Additional cures outside the ceremony if the participant requires it.

  • Shamanic diet supervised by the shaman

  • Guided tours of the island to see the medicinal plants and the Ucayali River, to see the river dolphins.

  • Alternative therapies to stimulate extrasensory vision.

  • Accommodation and transportation.

The withdrawals can be individual or group. The retirement investment covers all meals, transportation in Pucallpa (round trip from the airport to the healing center), shared or individual accommodation as appropriate, all scheduled activities, Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant baths, purgative session and attention personalized

The Center is located in an area of 45 hectares of land on the Isla del Amor, 10 minutes by boat from the city of Pucallpa, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes of the Amazon. We are in the habitat and original world of Ayahuasca: Pucallpa, the red earth, is the place where the most powerful Ayahuasca in Peru is born and lives. We have a ceremonial Maloca and traditional cabins made by hand, very comfortable, with full bathrooms, solar energy, own well of pure water, all framed harmoniously to make the ceremonies with the sacred plants an encounter with oneself, renovating, purifying and unforgettable.

Personal Information Sheet

4-Day Retreat

Please complete the form with complete honesty and inform us if you have any disease, pathology or dysfunction that has not been contemplated in the options.

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