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Ayahuasca Peru is a Center of Traditional Medicine and Ancestral Wisdom, considered one of the most important Center of Healing in the Peruvian Amazon. For more than fourteen years, this community of sacred medicine has been developing various projects of conservation and reforestation of the native forest, study and revaluation of traditional medicine and ancestral Amazonian and Andean knowledge. We rely on respect for life, cultural diversity, solidarity and reciprocity. Welcome to your home in the jungle.

It is advisable to diet a week before participating in the Ayahuasca retreats. We recommend not eating pork, not drinking alcohol or drugs. Little salt and sugar, avoid hot peppers, do not take any kind of chemical medicines. It is also advised to forego sexual intimacy during the week prior to these sacred medicines. The ideal is to be in a state of meditation and contemplation, to see in our interior what we want to eliminate from our life and what we are going to commit to after this time of learning

Travel and Diet Information before Retirement



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Maestra Flora

Flora is a medicine woman, Sheripiari of the Asháninka community. She is the leader of her community and guardian of the wisdom of her grandparents' medicine. He has learned from his grandparents how to heal people and especially women. She is the administrator of our Healing Center.

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Alex ok.jpg

Alex Ruiz

Painter and Sculptor Asháninka. He is in charge of the visionary painting workshops in our retreats. It is part of the Ayahuasca Peru family.


Maestra Estefanía

Woman medicine, Sheripiari of the Asháninka community. With more than 30 years of experience in ancestral medicine, he specializes in the ritual of vaporeo, millennial Asháninka ritual.

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Arlindo Vargas.jpg

It is part of the security and responsible for the operation of solar energy.

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Karina Menacho

Asháninka medicine woman. Elder daughter of teacher Flora. It specializes in massages with natural oils from the jungle and reading of your power animals.


Juan Menacho

He is the son of Karina and Nieto de Flora. Your job is to show the animals and plants to our visitors.


Marvin Rodriguez

Food Engineer Asháninka. Nephew of the teacher Flora and in charge of the medicinal gardens of our Center.


Jesús Rodríguez

Guide and manager of the transfers in boat of our visitors.



The Center is located in an area of 15 hectares of land on the Isla del Amor, 10 minutes by boat from the city of Pucallpa, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes of the Amazon and sightings of dolphins, river dolphins. We are in the habitat and original world of Ayahuasca: Pucallpa, the red earth, is the place where the most powerful Ayahuasca in Peru is born and lives.

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Arlindo Vargas


Calendar 7 Day Retreats

Calendar 15 Day Retreats


Our treatments are based on the ritual use of Sacred Plants of the jungle, the coast and the Peruvian Andes. We treat physical, spiritual, emotional and mental imbalances. We specialize in:

• Depressive disorders • Stress • Phobias and fears • Insomnia • Anorexia • Bulimia • Arthritis • Osteoarthritis • Rheumatisms • Migraines • Cholesterol • Intestinal ailments • Liver • Kidneys • Drug addiction • Lack of meaning in life diseases and illnesses that Western medicine can not cure.



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