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Travel and Diet Information

When arriving in Lima, one or several days before going to our center in Pucallpa, we suggest a comfortable lodging in the district of Barranco. It has reservation online and with transportation to and from the airport ($ 14 dollars). The cost of a private apartment for up to 3 people is $ 40 dollars, but if you mention that it is recommended by Ayahuasca Peru, you will have a discount of 10%.

Barranco Wasi

Jr.Tumbes 420. Altura Ovalo Balta

Whatsapp: +51 986 955 588

If you are scheduled to stay more days in Pucallpa before or after the retreat, we recommend the hotel The single room is worth $ 35 dollars, with private bathroom, internet, pool, buffet breakfast and airport pickup included. If you mention that it is recommended by Ayahuasca Peru, you will have a discount of 10%

Diet before the Retreat

It is advisable to diet a week before participating in the Ayahuasca retreat. We recommend not eating pork, not drinking alcohol or drugs. Little salt and sugar, avoid hot peppers, do not take any kind of chemical medicines. It is also advised to forego sexual intimacy during the week prior to these sacred medicines. The ideal is to be in a state of meditation and contemplation, to see within ourselves what we want to eliminate from our life and what we are going to commit to after this time of learning.

Visit Pucallpa

If you want to get to know Pucallpa and its surroundings and do adventure activities or schedule an excursion after the seminar, contact us.

Important Notes and Data

We are an eco-solidary shamanic healing center, located in Peru, where you will have the opportunity to heal your inner child, to reencounter with you and your dreams, to know the tools to learn to be free, happy and walk hand in hand with Mother Earth and the stars. We explore other lifestyles that are more human, more fraternal, more creative, that protect nature and heal people who approach with Love and Respect for Sacred Plants. Jainsho Rante Shobo, House of Healing, in Shipibo, is our center located in the Amazon, designed for the ritual use of ceremonies of Ayahuasca and diets with Master Plants.

  • Buy your air tickets from the Lima airport to Pucallpa, and send us the date of arrival, time, flight number and airline.

  • To purchase your local Lima - Pucallpa air tickets (50 min flight), you can choose between airlines,, or LAN. There are direct flights from Cusco- Pucallpa, in LAN. The average cost of a round trip Lima-Pucallpa-Lima is $ 120 (depending on the season). There are flights in the morning and night, it is advisable to take it in the morning. Upon arrival at the Pucallpa airport we will pick you up personally and transfer you to our healing center.

  • It is not necessary to be vaccinated for malaria or yellow fever to travel to Pucallpa. In the last 20 years there has been no outbreak of these diseases in the Peruvian lower jungle.

  • Bring summer clothes, long and light shirt and pants, hat, sun block.

  • Drink only bottled water.

  • Exchange rate: $ 1 US dollar = S /. 3.75 soles

  • Credit cards are accepted in restaurants, shopping centers and stores in the city of Lima and Pucallpa. In Lima, be careful with your valuables. We recommend not carrying a lot of cash when going outside.

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