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Ayahuasca Peru Amazonia 30th Century

About Us

We are an independent association, committed to the conservation of our cultural diversity and environment.

We work on renovation projects in the field of intercultural education, traditional medicine, reforestation, ecotourism, renewable energy, conservation of the Amazon and its wildlife.


In our multidisciplinary team, made up of artists, educators, inventors, conservationists and sages from different native communities, we strive to protect the life, the life of our Mother Earth and the original peoples of Peru and Latin America.


We have been working for more than 15 years on eco-friendly and self-sustainable projects.

8 years ago, we founded the Ayahuasca Healing Center in Peru, and in 2016 we created the Ayahuasca Peru Amazonia 30th Century Association, to consolidate our work.

Our mission is to be a local and international reference in the protection, conservation and dissemination of the vast knowledge of the original peoples of Peru and Latin America, which have allowed the formation of some of the most admirable civilizations on Earth and that could be the basis to adapt to the destructive effects of climate change.

This knowledge, saved for thousands of years, runs the risk of disappearing.

Our mission is to be guardians, with the help and support of all people who feel the call to protect the Earth.


The Association has been working on the following topics:

Culture and Intercultural Education:

Between 2001 and 2007, the association collaborated in the edition of the cultural magazine "Las Sumas Voces", a pluralistic gallery recognized for disseminating the best of ancestral cultures and the living culture of Peru. The publication was chosen to represent Peru in the main Book Fairs of Latin America.


Duration: 2001-2007

Funding: Association Sumas Voces, Asociación Ayllu.

(Project executed).​


Also during these years, together with the producer Piedra Azul Films, we have produced five audiovisual documentaries, which were acquired by public channels in Portugal and Spain and have participated in more than 40 international film festivals. The documentary series is called: "Ancestral Peru".


Duration: 2009-2016

Financing: Piedra Azul Films.

(Project executed).

Here two of the documentaries:

“Shipibos Konibos: Hombres Monos, Hombres Peces”.


“Q’EROS: Hombres de Altura”


For the past 5 years we have been developing various art workshops and environmental awareness in schools in the central jungle of Peru.



BIBLIOTECA VERDE is a project of educational, social and ecological innovation, of the Association "AYAHUASCA PERÚ AMAZONIA SIGLO 30". The first green library model will be made in the Isla del Amor reserve, Pucallpa, central jungle of Peru, beginning construction in 2017.


Green libraries with designs inspired by nature, and self-sustaining energetically. This project will be replicated both in rural areas and in large cities, nationally and internationally.


Our project tries to change the notion that a


The library must be a closed space, without noise and isolated from nature.

Green Library dissolves the separation between interior and nature to foster community creativity and unity, and respect for our older brothers, the trees.


We rethink the library space as a living place, where one can hear and express the ancestral, artistic knowledge that makes the human being a conscious being of his union with nature.


We believe that conventional education prevents and hinders the true union of the being in formation with its internal nature, and this is reflected in a consumerist and predatory survival of natural resources. That is why the need to learn from nature in its habitat, in its original state, the tree.

Project in Development.



Duration: 2018/2019.

Financing: In search.



Direct allies: Regional Directorate of Education, Ucayali, Alas Peruanas University, subsidiary Pucallpa.



Places of intervention: Ucayali: Shipibo communities.

Direct beneficiaries: Approximately 700 girls and boys, between 5 and 15 years old.


We promote local and regional cleaning and reforestation campaigns. Campaign "Save Your Lake Yarinacocha"

Duration: 2016/2020.

Financing: Association Ayahuasca Peru Amazonia 30th century with own resources.

Direct allies: Municipality of Yarinacocha, Municipality of Manantay, National Water Authority ANA, Directorate of Forestry and Wildlife Management of Ucayali, Alas Peruanas University subsidiary Pucallpa, Captaincy of Pucallpa port.

Place of intervention: Ucayali, Yarinacocha District.

Project: "Guardians of the Amazon": Reforestation of Moringa, Ayahuasca and medicinal plants.


1,000 hectares of reforestation by the residents and organized civil society of the city of Pucallpa.


Duration: 2017/2020.

Financing: In search.


Direct allies: Municipality of Yarinacocha, Municipality of Manantay, National Water Authority ANA, Directorate of Forestry and Wildlife Management of Ucayali, Alas Peruanas University subsidiary Pucallpa, Captaincy of Pucallpa port.

Place of intervention: Ucayali: District of Yarinacocha.



If you are interested in working voluntarily in the Association or in a project of which we are developing, please write to:

Be a Donor

With your donation, you actively collaborate in sustaining the projects of the Association and contribute to our continued planting of trees in the lungs and hearts of the world. I am Guardian of the Amazon.

"Become a Guardian of the Amazon"

Wire Transfer Donations

Banco Internacional del Perú Interbank account:

Ahorro Empresario Dólares: 600-3072008174

CCI or ABA Code:   00360001307200817449

Swift Code: BINPPEPL

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